Comets Indoor Soccer

Training Program


Elite Individual Training

This is an opportunity for players to develop soccer skills at an elite level, brought to you by Independence Tourism. Sessions can be tailored to focus on the athlete’s specific areas of desired improvement, or a personalized development plan can be created for the athlete by the club. All training is done at a location that is mutually decided-upon between you and the club.

Rates: $75 per two (2) – 30 minute sessions.

Incremental discount for securing multiple sessions:

  • Six thirty-minute sessions: $213.75 (5% off)
  • Eight thirty-minute sessions: $270 (10% off)
  • Ten thirty-minute sessions: $318.75 (15% off)

Small Group / Team Training

Friends, family and teammates have the opportunity to train together alongside an Comets player. Along with individual improvement, the Comets player can add in additional elements like small-sided games and an increased level of competition. This is great for birthday parties or small get-togethers.

Small groups training can help players improve their soccer skills in all areas of the game and is beneficial for beginners as well as advanced players. Intensity, skill mastery, life-skills training, and amazing coaches all help create training that will be the highlight of your summer! All training is done at a location that is mutually decided-upon between you and the club.

Team Rates:

  • 1 day session: $10 per player per 60 minutes (60 minute minimum).
    • Example: Team of 15 for an hour = $150. Minimum price for session is $150.
  • 1 week (5 day session): $40 per player, per 60 minutes.
    • Example: 15 players, 1-hour sessions = $600

Small Group Rates:

  • 2 players – $100 per 60 minutes ($50/player)
  • 3 players – $120 per 60 minutes ($40/player)
  • 4-6 players – $130 per 60 minutes ($32.50/player | $26/player | $21.66/player)
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