Kansas City Comets

Comets Tryouts Report: Five Players Invited to Camp

The Kansas City Comets opened their eighth training camp today since making their return to indoor soccer in 2010. Prior to today’s sessions, the team hosted an open-tryout this past Saturday, featuring players from across the region (and one player all the way from Greece) who all aspire to become professional soccer players.

The tryout gathered over 30 players with an array of backgrounds who came to get a look from head coach Kim Roentved and a chance to get invited to Comets camp, the first step towards making the team’s roster.

“It was a lot of fun,” Tyler Barnett, one of the tryout players said. “Seeing everybody coming from different places, having different skills and abilities and playing together- it was good.”

After the players did stretching and passing drills, the participants were split up into two teams and did four quarters of a scrimmage.

“As each quarter goes by, the fatigue builds up and you can start to separate the contenders from the rest of the pack,” said assistant coach Alan Mayer.

“It was certainly different than any tryout I’ve ever been to,” Jake Pycior, another tryout participant, said. “I’ve never come into a tryout not knowing exactly what was going to go on. Not knowing anyone here and not knowing the type of competition that I’d be up against was very different.”

In the end, five players received invites to training camp, which began this morning, for a chance to make the team. Barnett and Pycior each received an invite, along with Jose Payan, Javier Paniagua and Danny Daniels.

“The experience is always fun,” Roentved said. “Once in a while you find some talent out there, so it’s certainly an opportunity, not only for us, but also for the players out there to show what they can do.”